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Simone Devon is a famous United States bondage model and later producer and director who became notable in the 1980s for performing for several of the successful bondage film and magazine companies of that era, most notably for Harmony Concepts and House of Milan (HOM). Simone no longer performs in bondage films nor publicly produces any bondage films or photography.

Devonshire Productions

In the 1990s, Simone began producing and photographing her own films and photographic series for various production companies including Harmony and Calstar. Simone and partner Brian Davis built on her earlier successful production career and created their own bondage film company entitled "Devonshire Productions" in the mid 1990s. Devonshire Productions created a large library of unique bondage videos featuring notable bondage models such as Brandy, Tara (a.k.a. Eve Ellis), Whitney Prescott, Scarlet (a.k.a. Jewell Marceau) and Summer Cummings and Simone herself in both dominating and victim roles onscreen. The Devonshire film library had over 320 known produced titles, producing and releasing new films every month in its later years of operation[1]. This schedule amount and dedication to creative content was maintained despite being according to Simone the result of only a "three person" operation.

The hallmark of a Devonshire Production recording was tight restraint and restrictive positions. Rope, leather, and steel were all used as restraints, and the videos feature tight gags of many types. Several videos were also created using mummification as a theme.

Simone ended Devonshire Productions in September 2005 citing publicly that she was ending her bondage film career and wanted to retire to do other things.

Many speculated that the real reason for Devonshire Productions' ending was the more intense prosecution of Pornographic films by the United States' Department of Justice announced in late 2004 through more restrictive and intrusive Pornographic film recordkeeping requirements including 18 USC 2257 which requires open public disclosure of all Pornographic film and photography producers' private legal information for inspection but also leaves said adult producers open to general public assaults and condemnation, as well as the separate through equally intensified obscenity prosecutions which has been instigated across various state lines against several other bondage and Pornographic film companies including Extreme Associates. This assumption is based on the facts that Simone announced the closing of Devonshire after the new federal record-keeping requirements went into effect in June 2005 and had made no indication to stop production before that time, and Devonshire was operating successfully and making profitable sales for its owners as indicated through its continual regular releasing of new films every month.

Simone ended Devonshire Productions on December 28, 2005[2] and its commercial sale website was sold to a rival operations company in 2006. The extensive film library was either destroyed or sold off privately as it was not publicly sold off to any other Pornographic film resales companies. The lack of the large film library stock sales has led some to believe that Simone could possibly return to operations at some later time. This assumption is highly unlikely given the notification of Simone's public intent to close down operations permanently for several months before actually leaving active production.

The current site no longer has any reference to Simone's original production company.

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