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Bondage Life was a bondage magazine produced by Harmony Concepts, Inc. and was published in the years 1976-2001. Unlike most bondage magazines, it contained substantial amounts of editorial content, and featured articles, readers' letters, and readers' artwork, stories and photography, in addition to professional content.

Harmony's editorial policy specialized in what they described as "love bondage", and can be regarded as an influential publication in the movement of BDSM towards the mainstream.

The pages of Bondage Life were filled with letters "By The People", photos of professional and amateur models, interviews, stories, and "memories". Although it was designed and published as "females in love bondage", in later years it also had a "Bound for Controversy" column that contained pictures of bound males.

Issue number 79 was the next to last issue in which Carl McGuire's famous "Bound for Hollywood" column was printed.

Besides the "Gallery" below, I have been able to compile a "Table of Contents" for Bondage Life magazines, sorted by issue number. I am also collecting PDF files that I can find on the Internet. I am not sure, at this time, exactly what I plan to do with them, but I will try to keep you updated. If you have just gems, send an e-mail to and let me know.

"Bondage Life Table of Contents"

A Personal Note from Robin

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  • I was working in Carson City, NV as President of Dial-Log Corporation. We had quite a few people working for the company, and I needed to hire an Admin Assistant. I hired Polly and explained the job to her. When I was done, I explained that I work and live in the same building. Consequently, my personal mail and magazines would be delivered to the post office. She said there was no problem with that. When I explained that some of the mail was going to be 'kinky', she suggested that pick he mail so other employees would not bump into 'personal mail'.
She said that if I wanted, she could pick mail from the PO on the way to work, and I told her that I would be wiling to pay her salary from when she left home, to compensate for the extra work. I suddenly noticed that magazines that usually arrived on the fifth are now arriving on the tenth, and that they seemed to have been read. She blushed and said that she and her husband had been reading them before bringing them to me. She asked if I was angry, or if I was going to fire her. I suggested that in the future, I would read them first.
  • I have each and every issue of Bondage Life on DVD. I always looked forward to receiving a new issue in the mail, or going to the local books store to buy the latest issue.
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