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A fetish model is an erotic performer who appears in fetish fashion or bondage photography (sometimes glamour photography), in particular in bondage magazines. Many porn stars and glamour models also act as fetish models. Most fetish models in heterosexual erotica are female.

Types of fetish models

There are multiple categories of fetish models such as: bondage models, latex/rubber models, corset models, tattoo/body piercing models, shoe models, Japanese bondage (or shibari) models, and Nyotaimori / food models.

Fetish models are distinct from gothic or alternative models, and may only involve themselves in the aesthetic aspects rather than the sexual. Nonetheless, fetish modeling is considered a part of the sex (or adult) industry.

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Adult model

An "Adult Model" does not refer to the age of the model, but refers to the type of photos the model is posing for. Adult models pose for pictures used in magazines and websites, and are a superset of bondage models, fetish models, and others. As opposed to artists' models, they tend to "expose instead of display" the human body. An adult model may also be clothed, but posed in a position that appeals to the "prurient interest" or sexual libido, meaning the intent of the pose is to "fan the flames of sexual desires"

It should also be noted that models posing for adult material need to be clearly identified as adults under the rulings of TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 110 > § 2257, and records must be kept showing dates, times, contents and identities of all participants. The legality of 2257 is still being disputed in court.

Currenlty, magazines and websites using adult models must clearly warn of their content and must state how to contact the person responsible for maintaining 2257 records.

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Artists model

Fleur-12.jpg Main article: Nude model

Nude models, in general, pose to display the human form for artists and students who wish to become artists. Their motive is to "display instead of exposing" the human body.

Bondage Model

Bondage modeling, specifically, is an art form wherein the model is posed in various bondage positions. While it tends to be a specialized subset of fetish modeling, many fetish models are unwilling to pose in bondage, because they do not wish to appear in a pose which might infer that they are being submissive. Also, bondage poses can be quite physically challenging and exhausting, and often the model is posed with minimal clothing.

Famous bondage model and pin-up girl, Betty Page posed for the photographer Irving Klaw for mail-order photographs and was subsequently featured in Playboy.

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There are specialized publications fetish models are featured in. Some print magazines are: Skin Two, Secret, A Magazine, and Marquis magazine.

Fetish models may run personal adult pay websites and are featured on fetish adult paysites.

There are also fetish fashion designers. Most of these designers employ fetish models for their clothing lines. There are fetish fashion shows hosted several times a year, worldwide. Some fetish fashion designers are Vex, The Baroness, Skin two, and House of Harlot.


There are also a few male bondage models in heterosexual erotica including Peter Holmes of BoundDomination, but most male bondage models appear in homosexual erotica. A small yet profitable niche of male-in-bondage erotica includes men cross-dressed and in bondage that caters toward heterosexual men. Harmony Concepts, Inc. was among the first and few to capitalize on the realm of cross-dressing bondage pornography in the early 1970s. Today's expression of cross-dressing bondage is mainly limited to Internet-based porn. A notable model of this genre includes Delilah Knotty.


In recent years, the annual SIGNY Awards have been awarded to the bondage models voted as the best of that year. The SIGNY Award winners for best bondage models to date have been:

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