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Scene or Working names for Professional Doms, Subs and Switches

At BackDrop, I have always suggested that anyone doing sessions professionally should have a scene (or working) name. This allows the sessions person a certain amount of privacy and safety.

Your session name is also used to separate your session roles and your real life roles. When you hear your session name, it will also help reinforce your session role.

First of all, the name chosen should be descriptive, don't use Amber if you are blonde, etc.

Next, choose a name that has majoritive and diminutive root names. A name like the majoritive Rebecca can be shortened to the diminutive Becky. This allows a person to identify the role (dominant or submissive) that the client wishes you to perform.

Also, in terms of security, the obvious "he doesn't know my real name" applies. If you are traveling (public transit) or in public (restaurants or theaters, for example) and you are approached by a sessions client, you have an immediate disconnect. You can look him in the eye and say, "My name is (insert your real name here). You obviously have me mistaken with someone else. Leave me alone or I shall call the Police."

Another thing to remember that in terms of professional sessions, you may see a particular client only three or four times per year. You will want to pick a name that he can remember.

Finally, choose a name that is easily pronounced. I was amazed at the number of calls we got for 'Mono-Q' when Monique was on staff.

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