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Here at The BackDrop Club, we've had what we call the "Big Four";. They are simple rules, and not subject to interpretation.

They are:

  • No Drugs - If you are not in control of yourself, you are in no shape to be in control of others. Drugs tend to impair your sense of balance, pain and reality. Strangely enough, even a heavy meal can impair your ability your sense of pain.
  • No Drunks - Same as above
  • No Kids - Besides being illegal, it is unsafe. We continuously preach "Safe, Sane and Consensual". Children do not have the legal right to consent.
  • No Sex for Money - Again, prostitution is illegal in California. If we, your hosts, condone prostitution (either before or after the fact) we can be held legally culpable as co-conspirators.

This simple formula is one of the reasons we were able to stay open for nearly fifty years!

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