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First time reader information

Why is this Wiki being published
I wanted a platform that would allow for easy search and editing of information that has been collected over many, many years.
A single repository of information that I believe is important to anyone/everyone into the "kink lifestyle"
What can I find in this body of work?
Most of this Wiki-site is a collection of information about BD/SM/SM, fetishes, fantasies, and history of how we got to be where we are today.
Information describing the "tools of our trade", how they are used and safety concerns about them.
Articles describing personal events, their history and, in some circumstances, my personal involvement or feelings.
Who can edit information on this site?
Most wiki sites have an open edit policy: any one can edit anything. In an effort to avoid "graffiti posts", we limit the number of editors. If you wish to contribute on a regular basis, I will create an account for you. If you wish to edit a single article, email the information and I will edit the article for you.

I have tried to identify articles in the following manner to allow the reader a way to place this information in its proper context, and to decide which is fact, fiction or "feelings".

"Neutral point of view" articles and concepts
Most of the articles included within the SM-201 project have been added in accordance with the Wikipedia Foundation NPOV guidelines, except for:
"Personal point of view" articles
Articles that are clearly marked as being written from a PPOV view point
Information that is included and marked as being "A Personal Note from Robin"
"Robin's Personal Memories Project" includes my personal history/biography
"Historical significance point of view articles"
Articles that are included to present historical background or information which may not be verifiable such as stores and businesses that have may ceased operation.

Please direct any questions, concerns or suggestions to me at

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