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The mission of SM-201 is this

SM-201 is a project to create a free, complete, up-to-date, and reliable world-wide guide to BDSM and its history.

SM-201 articles should be useful for at least the following purposes:

  • For finding good content,
  • For finding honest history,
  • For finding honest reviews,
  • Become encyclopedic. SM-201 aims to inform people about BDSM, alternative sexuality topics, history, and a repository for a few "Special History Projects" by its author. If you find yourself needing references and footnotes on SM-201, whatever you're writing should probably go to Wikipedia instead.

There are probably hundreds of other uses for SM-201 articles; these are ones we try to keep in mind while authoring and editing pages.


These are some specific non-goals; things people might think we want to do with SM-201, but we don't:

  • Create a site with adult content. SM-201 is not a porn site.
  • Create a new place for adult advertisements. SM-201 is not an advertising driven site.
  • Create corporate promotions.
  • Provide more search engine spam. Every page should be relevant, meaningful and useful.
  • Provide a personal homepage or dating service. This is not a social network for user profile pages.
  • Become a chat board or blogger site. There are plenty of Web-based and email discussion groups on the Internet, where people can talk about their experiences, ask questions, complain, make friends and joke around. SM-210 has discussion pages for each article, but these should be used to develop the article itself, and not as a "comments" area. Anyone can edit a SM-201 article; if you have useful information about a topic, put it in the article itself.

There are probably lots of other near-miss goals that people might think we have; if needed, we'll list those here, too.


  • I am planning to reopen BackDrop at some level in the future (post-covid)
  • Another website (SM-301) to augment the current SM-201 site

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