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What can I find in this body of work?

This Wikipedia is a compilation of many of my projects into a single body of work

  • SM-201 was originally begun as a series of "monographs", class outlines and handouts, stories and first hand experiences on how to become a "professional dominatrix" and run your business.
  • BDSM: Boundaries, Definitions and Sanity Management was originally started as a group of letters and lectures on how to cope with life.
  • The BDSM Academy was originally a group of classes that were taught at the BackDrop club between 1975 and 2007. This has been expanded to include articles from and other wiki sites.
  • BDSM Legends Project - a place where we can honor those icons and pioneers of the BDSM community
  • Club History was originally begun as a combination of my own biography, a history of the BackDrop club and a history of the BDSM community in the Bay Area.
  • Resource Guide - a place to find people of similiar interests begun in 1974 with "Ad-Ventures" and then it was expanded in 1996 when it was put "online" with BackDrop BBS. Recently I have added an entire section of articles on "JapaSex".
  • Adult Entertainment Industry "Profiles" - because there is a large overlap between the BDSM film and magazine industry, the adult entertainment industry, and the porn industry, I have been keeping "profiles" on bondage models, pornstars, agencies, and film and magazine companies involved in many adult industries for years. (If I have missed yo, let me know -- it was probably an oversight and not a personal statement, or I just haven't gotten around to adding a page on you <g>)
  • Legal Information - Age of consent, prostitution laws, etc - a place to start your Q/A sessions your attorney

One of the major problems I ahd from the beginning was to find a way to write, edit, maintain this body of work. Short of a large staff of people to help with the project, I muddled along writing individual pages. With Wikipedia, I found the tools to link all of these articles together without having to hire full time staff of composers, writers, editors, personal trainers and a personal psychiatrist for myself.

Why did I create this Wikipedia?

I have fallen in love with Mediawiki. So much so, that I want to grow up and become just like them. Well, almost.

Wikipedia is part of the Wikimedia Foundation. They have a Board of Directors who tend to be a little conservative about the content of their site. The moderators at Wikipedia have recently deleted several pages because they felt they were "controversial". I am trying to "back-up" some of these controversial pages while they are still available. I hope to create a central repository for this information when the day comes that Wikipedia decides to "clean up their site".

Many Wikipedia articles on history have been deleted because they were not "verifiable". History can not always be 'quantifiably verified' nor 'encyclopedic in nature' because it is a compilation of oral histories, often written by the victors and the survivors. The ranks of the early SM/BDSM/Leather/LGBT community founders have been decimated by AIDS. Many more have passed on due to age. Unfortunately, much of our early history went with them. With that in mind, I have been conducting interviews in an attempt to centralize this information before more of this information is completely lost. (See Legends Project for more information on this topic.)

In the past, we have seen Google, Yahoo, MSN, GeoCities, ATT's @Home and many other companies start out, willing to accept almost any content from anyone. I remember when Yahoo was looking for financing from a certain ultra-conservative company. Up until that time, Yahoo groups were pretty open and pretty liberal, accepting group names with bondage, bdsm, fetish and a lot of other "kinky words". Suddenly, there were some pretty heavy restrictions and those groups just "went away". Other groups moved to Tribes, MSN Adult Groups. Their migration is so fast that they leave no trail to follow to their new home.

Who is involved in this body of work

Many, many people have written stories, articles and books on the subjects of this site. If I have included their work here, I have given due accreditation.

I have included information on various wikipedia sites under GFDL licensing, and again credit given.

You, the reader, are invited to add or edit any article on this site. (Some of the articles are "protected" to protect the work of the author of that article, or to prevent vandalism and or grafitti.)

Robin Roberts

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