Subjective Behavior

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  • Ask permission before doing anything, unless it is outlined in one of these rules.
  • Never make a move against the aggressing forces.
  • Make the aggressors as physically comfortable as possible. Offer your services in this area before you are asked.
  • Obey the orders of the aggressors. If their orders clash with any of these rules, say something to the effect of: "I break my code of behavior so that I may better serve and please you".
  • Make polite requests if the aggressor is doing anything which makes you uncomfortable, but place his or her comfort above your own. If you are suffering greatly, you may say something to the effect of: "I suffer for your pleasure. If sadism pleases thee, I hope I am suffering properly so as not to incur your displeasure or disfavor.

See also 15 Session Rules and/or Ceremony

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