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Donor / Sponsor permissions

Donor / Sponsors have all the permissions of users. (See below)

Sponsors may have a sponsor box placed on any page they may choose providing there is no sponsor box already on that page.

Donors will have their name (or affiliation) placed on our Donors Page

User permissions

Users have permission to create or edit articles on our site.

Before you make ANY changes, review the information and check for the following:

  • Does the article really require editing?
  • Be clear. Avoid esoteric or quasi-legal terms or dumbed-down language. Be plain, direct, unambiguous, and specific. Avoid platitudes and generalities. Even in guidelines, help pages, and other non-policy pages, do not be afraid to tell editors directly they must or should do something.
  • Be as concise as possible—but no more concise. Verbosity is not a reliable defense against misinterpretation. Omit needless words. Direct, concise writing may be clearer than rambling examples. Footnotes and links to other pages may be used for further clarification.
  • Emphasize the spirit of the rule. Expect editors to use common sense. If the spirit of the rule is clear, say no more.
  • Maintain scope and avoid redundancy. Clearly identify the purpose and scope early in the page, as many readers will just look at the beginning. Content should be within the scope of its policy. When the scope of one advice page overlaps with the scope of another, minimize redundancy. When one policy refers to another policy, it should do so briefly, clearly, and explicitly.
  • Avoid overlinking. Policies and guidelines may contain links to any type of page, including essays and articles. However, such links should only appear when clarification or context is needed. Links to other advice pages may inadvertently or intentionally defer authority to them. Make it clear when such links defer, and when they do not.
  • Do not contradict each other. The community's view cannot simultaneously be "A" and "not A". When apparent discrepancies arise between pages, editors at all the affected pages should discuss how they can most accurately represent the community's current position and correct all the pages to reflect the community's view. This discussion should be on one talk page, with invitations to that page at the talk pages of the various affected pages; otherwise, the corrections may still contradict each other.
  • Anyone sharing logins or passwords will have their account blocked and deleted.

Deleting an article requires administrative-level privileges.

Editors can not create, modify or delete user accounts.

If you think you would like to be an editor on SM-201, please contact Robin and he will set up an account for you.