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An anthology of short stories by Robin Roberts

Interactive Story by Robin and RRedore

What follows is an interactive story written which was written by RRedore (S>) and myself (R>) when we first started dating. I would write a paragraph and then send it to her via email, and then she would write the next paragraph and email the whole story back.

You are bound (standing, kneeling or prone) between two trees. You have been there for quite a while. You feel the breeze on your body, hear the sounds of nature. You hear noises in the brush around you, not knowing who or what is there. Your Master makes his presence felt by grabbing your hair, forcing your head back and giving you a very long and passionate kiss.

I am standing with my feet bare on the ground. The sounds in the brush startle me. I feel the demand in his grasp and the warmth of his lips. My body sinks against the ropes. My nipples tighten, and I feel the warmth of pleasure on my thighs. I feel the wind caressing my body. I am surrendered to my Master, in the presence of Mother Nature. I am seeking his lips with my lips and teeth. My body is overwhelmed by the relief of his presence, the pleasure of his touch and the sweet, sweet pleasure of being allowed to bask in his Dominance. I feel the moan coming from my chest as I hungrily beg for more of his kiss. My body pressing against the ropes trying to touch him, to feel his hands on my body, his whip on my back.

Much to her surprise, he untied her feet, forcing her legs together. He released her hands, only to tie them in front of her. He guided her to an all-fours position on the ground. He wrapped, what could only be described as, a chastity belt around her waist. She thought ever so hard --- was this a punishment? Had she done something to displease him?

Sensing her confusion, he brought her up to a kneeling position. He took her face between thumb and forefinger, forcing her to open her mouth. He kissed her, very hard. "You are mine, and none except those I say, and only if I wish will have access to you.. This belt will make sure you are mine, and only mine. Do you want me to add the vibrator and dildo as well? She smiled, a girlish, sexy smile and said, "Yes, Master, but only if it pleases you ---"

She is shaking and her heart is pounding. She is close to tears at themere idea of displeasing him, the relief of being wrong. She struggles with her will as he states his will and ownership. And then she feels tears on her eyes and cheeks. Releasing...knowing that this possession...being possessed brings her to feeling, knowing the greatest happiness, satisfaction, and peace within the world. Struggling against this is struggling with her own fears. Fears that protect her greatest desire from being carelessly maimed. Fears that also prevent her from attaining completeness. He has offered her a vibrator & dildo and she tentatively accepts the offer with hopes it will bring him pleasure. "If it pleases you Master--" In her mind she wonders if he will truly be pleased, or is he testing her?

She kneels with her face to the ground and her hands stretched out in front of her, framed by the ropes on her wrists. Her confusion is great. She is humiliated by the belt and yet knows that he has the right, which she gladly gives him, to demand anything of her. She is confused by the conflict within herself and hates it. She wants the reassurance of his touch on her cheek and neck. She shakes her head wanting to rid herself of the tear-soaked see him, and yet in her vulnerability, the blindfold gives her protection. It allows her to focus on the conflict, the words, sounds, smells & feels around her. She realizes with a start that she hears no sounds of him. She tilts her head, seeking to find him. She feels his hand striking her ass before she hears him. She bolts up onto her knees. "Did you really think I was gone? Do you think so poorly of your Master that you would imagine yourself free to move as you please?" She feels his hand on her neck, pushing her face to her knees. She melts into her knees, immensely relishing the warmth and comfort of his hand on her neck. She feels something cool and slick swirling over her ass cheeks. She feels the dildo parting her labia and moans as it opens her. She hungrily pulls her muscles to bring it further inside her. She struggles to remain still, having been given no permission to move....

He examines the chastity belt, one belt surrounds her waist, the second is connected near her spine, runs between her legs and is connected to the waist belt near her navel. Removing two small locks from his pocket, he inserts them through holes punched in the belt and locks them into place

She is guided to a standing position but she moves slowly to allow the devices inside her to adjust, flow, and then reseat themselves. He takes a rubber ball gag and forces it into her mouth, removing all possibility of speaking to him. A piece of chain is produced and locked around her neck. She has seen it before, but it gives her chills each time she sees it There is a pendant tag, shaped like a heart, with her slave name engraved upon it. Her body betrays her, letting him know how much the collar excites her. He connects a leash to the collar, and her knees almost buckle beneath her. Reaching into the picnic basket they had brought with them, he removes a pair of Smith and Wesson handcuffs and places on her wrists, her hands behind her back.

Tugging on the leash, they start back up the trail they had used several hours earlier. She is nude, collared, her hands behind her back, on the end of her Masters leash. As they approach the parking lot, she suddenly realizes that he intends to march her, leashed and collared, all the way back to their car. She would later find out that her Master had arranged to have a policeman friend of his divert all traffic entering the parking lot. Her body and mind were filled with all sorts of feelings. She couldn't tell which emotion was the most overwhelming; being embarrassed by nude and bound in public, or being proud to be serving her Master.

Her breathing is rapid. She struggles with the different emotions. The ball gag reminds her that her pleasure is secondary to her Master's. The collar, the leash and the opportunity to serve her master fills her with so much joyful pride that she is glowing. Her skin is flushed and hot to the touch...her chest is pushed forward as much by pride as by her arms cuffed behind her back. And yet, she is on a public trail leaving the relative safety of the wilderness behind to walk into a parking lot. A place were people converging is expected and privacy is very unlikely. She is embarrassed at the thought of a car pulling into the parking lot and seeing her for who she is. A slave. Exposed skin and heart. A willing participant and thus, most assuredly a pervert. She reminds herself that she is here with her Master. She has been given an opportunity to serve him. She doesn't have to be here...she wants to be here. Her Master notices her hesitancy. He pauses momentarily to study her and then tightens the lead.

She feels the chain tug at her neck. She drops her head and follows him. She feels her heart pounding in her chest, the ground under her feet. She feels her breath moving around the ball. They are walking thru the parking lot. Her eyes dart back & forth from under her hair as she listens intently for the sound of approaching cars. As each step brings them closer to the car, her pride grows. He stops short of the car and turns around. He tells her to stay and then takes a few steps back from her. He crosses his arms, leash still in hand and stops to examine her. They are standing exposed in the middle of the parking lot. Her eyes betray her confusion and fear of discovery. He seems so calm and unhurried. He smiles as he looks at her, and then after a minute of silence she steps towards him. She instinctively raises and tilts her chin, exposing her throat to him. Acting as an animal in the wild that signals it's submission by exposing it's throat to the Dominant's jaws. He brushes his hand against her breast. Running down to her hardened nipples which he kneads between his fingers. "Who do you belong to? Hmmm? Tell me..." he demands of her. She tries to signal that she can't speak, then realizes he is fully aware of this. The thoughts:” Think. What has he taught you? How can you speak without saying a word?" run thru her head. And then she grins. She grows very still, looks him directly in the eyes for several seconds, and drops her head while still maintaining eye contact with her Master. He smiles and rewards her by working her nipples harder. She feels her knees buckling and her body swooning. She rolls her head back and tries to make her body even more available to his touch. No longer even aware of standing in the middle of a parking lot....

He tightens the leash and guides her to the rear of the car, opening the trunk. Her heart begins to pound, remembering a time when he placed her in a dark closet, alone and afraid. She fears being placed in the trunk, and ever so slightly moves backwards. Sensing her fear, he snaps the leash and pulls her to him. "Are you afraid?" She quickly shakes her head in the affirmative. "You will do what you are told, though. Won't you?" She looks him straight in the face, stands tall, and shakes her head yes. "Afraid of the dark, of being alone?" She cocks her head in question, and then shakes her head no.

He reaches into the trunk, takes out a cape and places it around her shoulders, adjusts the hood around her head, and closes the trunk. Taking the leash, he guides her to the passenger side of the car and opening the door, indicates she should get in. She enters the car, and he closes the door. He stands outside the door for a moment, watching her, proud of her. He walks to the drivers side and gets in. She is sitting; still; face forward; awaiting his command. She is afraid, proud, embarrassed, and joyful all at once. He places his hand around the back of her neck and squeezes firmly. She is at once sexually excited and anticipatory.

Using his hand, he turns her face toward him. She looks into his eyes, awaiting the next moment in a series moments of a lifetime. He pulls her head down, and puts it in his lap. She lays down on the car seat, and adjusts into a "nearly comfortable" position. He starts the engine, and she snuggles, catlike, in his lap.

"When we get home, you will prepare yourself." She had no idea what to prepare herself for. Whether it was playtime, bedtime, dinner, or a shower, she knew it would be exquisite ---

She is relieved that her Master did not require her in the trunk. She is very satisfied by her willingness to step thru fear with her Master. She feels warm, safe and loved. She is so happy to be carefully & lovingly prepared/pampered by her Master. The feeling of resting in his lap is overwhelming. Her heart is filled by the tenderness of his touch, the warmth of his body, the softness of the cape & the comfort of his hand on her side. She lies there and thinks about the questions he asks her, the emotions he brings to the surface the hopes she has for the future with him. She inhales deeply and as she exhales, she relaxes down to her toes and fingers knowing this is exactly where she belongs. This is exactly where she wants to be, and will be....

After a short ride, they arrive at their home. He awakens her from her dreamy state and has her move back to a sitting position. He leaves the car, walks to the passenger side, opens the door and guides her to a standing position beside the car. He grasps her wrists and walks her into the house. He grabs a handful of her hair and forces her to her knees in front of his chair.

"You will shower, put on make-up, dress in a short skirt, see-through blouse and heels, no underwear. You will prepare the dining room table for a party of eight. There will be three couples joining for us dinner at 7pm." She knew that their cook and houseboy, George, would prepare and excellent dinner; he always had.

At 6:30 she had completed all of her assignments and arrangements. She went to her Masters office, where she found him working on his computer, and knelt on the floor beside him. She waited until a quiet moment and placed her head in his lap.

"Master, can I put on a sweater? You can see my nipples through this blouse."

"That was my intent, and no, no sweater," he replied.

"Who is coming for dinner, Master?"

"I don't think you know any of them, they are people I know from work."

"Are any of them into Master/slave relationships What is the purpose of the dinner, Master?"

"Two of the couples are in Master/slave relationships, and want to invite John and Meg, the third couple, into their circle. I have been asked me bring up the topic to the 'unknowns' so the two couples will not have to "out themselves". You and I are going to demonstrate what a Master/slave relationship is about. In that way, if John and Meg are interested in our lifestyle, the other two couples will come forward and announce that they, too, are interested. If John and Meg are not interested, then they will never know their friends are.

"After dinner, I am going to put you back into your chastity belt, which will open a dialog."

"Am I allowed to enjoy myself, Master?"

"If you play your cards right, you will definitely enjoy yourself. If things go badly, you will have to settle for spending the night alone with me."

"Yes, Master. And the problem is ---- ?"

...she said with a mischievous grin. She always thoroughly enjoyed bantering with her Master. She had her nails freshly painted in her favorite shade ofred. Her hair is loose around her shoulders. She had put on a lace garter and stockings of black, with a form fitting short grey skirt. Her blouse is a light shade of yellow with enough open to be a tease, but not far enough as to be indecent. She enjoys dressing for her Master. She feels proud that her Master is using her as a demonstration. She felt nervous and excited when she had been told to set the table for company in such a manner. She loved being able to ask her Master questions about planned activities. She would stay here at his feet all day if it was permissible, but there were other things to attend to.

"Master, may i make you some tea before they arrive?" she asked.

"No, but start the fireplace so it will be warm when they arrive."

She smiles, thinking how thoughtful he was to suggest a fire when he had vetoed her request for a sweater. He always told her to take care of herself, and when she forgot he firmly reminded her of her duty to care for not only Him but also his property....her. She kisses his leg and rises to her feet saying "Thank you Master" before stepping into the living room.

Starting the fire is one of her favorite tasks. She always feels proud of her willingness to do so, and that she knows how. She is careful to avoid soiling her clothes as she prepares the paper and kindling. She carefully chooses a log that is not to is not entirely chilly in the house and to overheat would be miserable. As the flames crackle around the log she closes the screen and rises from her knees. She is watching the fire, feeling the heat and listening to the wonderful sound. She turns and shakes off the drunken feeling from the fire, walks into the kitchen and washes her hands. She is thinking of the evening to come. Wondering how it will go, thinking how nice it will be if she is allowed to wear a play collar and leash. She of course wears a collar everyday, but it is one that only a few people recognize and she enjoys showing without a doubt that she is a named and collared slave. She hears voices outside the house and car doors closing. She goes to her Master and lets him know they have arrived. She walks to the door and with her Master, greets his guests into their home. She offers drinks and helps take the coats and purses of the women. She recognizes the dynamics between the couples. She smiles and tries to keep the mischief out of her smile. She puts away the coats and checks in with George. Dinner will be on schedule. She assembles the drinks that were chosen and heads back into the living room. When she has delivered everyone’s drinks, she walks to her Master, and stops in front of him with his drink. She is used to kneeling when serving him, but isn't sure if she should at this time or if he wants to bring the topic up slowly. He is smiling at her and nods. She kneels and holds the glass to his lips. He takes the glass out of her hand, squeezes her hand and indicates for her to sit next to him. She rises and sits next to him. As she does so, he tells his guests ....

"It is such a pleasure to be gathering in a social context for once. And to finally meet these family members that we talk about but never see!" The room settled into comfortable conversation of family, friends, politics and other such details. She discovered a commonality with two of the women and one of the men discussing the love of beaches. The other chatted amicably about work related details, politics and projects they where working on.

Dinner is being served: the guests have sat down at the table. They enjoy warm butternut soup, red potatoes with chopped parsley and lemon juice, broiled Salmon, and a California style salad with a light Thai dressing. As the food is being passed around, Master asks Sara, the new wife of the group, to pass the saucer of lemon sauce. As she passes it, the spoon slips and clatters onto the table. Sara apologizes and drops her gaze in embarrassment. Master laughs and jokes with her husband, " I'm glad that was you and not my slave, otherwise I would have had to punish you."

---------- Added a new piece ----------

With a look of askance, Meg asks "You would punish her? RRedore is a slave? I'm not sure I understand...""

"RRedore is a named slave," Master replies.

John says, "I don't understand. What is a 'named slave'?"

Master explains, "A submissive person is one who enjoys serving, but may or may not have a Master or a Mistress. A slave has a Master or Mistress, but a named slave is a slave who has attained the position of being recognized as slave who is worthy of being owned and having a name."

This explanation causes looks between the couples, and dessert served.

They enjoyed tea & coffee with a chocolate torte and engaging conversation. As the evening progressed, RRedore finds herself especially enjoying the company of Sara. They chatted and laughed all along while still visiting with the others. She was enjoying herself so much she almost forgot that they had just met.

They are sitting in the living room, when Sara asks, "How do you punish her?"

Master replies, "That depends on the transgression, and its consequences."

Meg asks RRedore, "Do you enjoy being a slave?"

"The word 'enjoy' isn't strong enough. I love being a slave!"

Meg looks furtively at her husband, blushes, and says "John and I have, well, we have played some SM games, and I have had a lot of fantasies." Six people simultaneously do an inward, mental, impression of Tiger Woods doing his victorious, "YES!" as the topic is finally broached. Meg asks RRedore to tell her more about her life and feelings.

RRedore says, "Well, i could tell you i was born in Reno, Nevada, however, i don't think that's what you are asking really." she begins with a mischievous smile towards Meg. " i met Master thru a series of wonderful steps of the universe. Before meeting Master I had been involved with several people in my quest. I have slowly accumulated friends, lovers and playmates that have similar interests as myself.

RRedore explains, "As I have been learning my own likes and dislikes, I realized that a shift had occurred within myself. I had always been my own ultimate Mistress with everyone. My good friend and lover was so supportive as I started to realize that I wanted a Master and a Mistress that was outside myself. Until this point I had always preferred to be my own Mistress: absolutely independent and unattached. At the same time, I decided to change careers and asked for some help within my circle. I was connected up with Fantasy Makers, who connected me with Robin. After the first class I knew I was interested in him, after the second class I knew he was interested in me. I felt at first, respect for this man who would make time to teach and fill in the gaps. By the end of the day I was intrigued by his style. He was respectful, present & attentive when demonstrating, and very comfortable in his Domination. i was amazed. i was so happy when Master Robin made me a collared slave. I felt like a marshmallow on a campfire. Warm, soft, content and melting. i knew i wanted to be a collared & named slave before the second class had started. i feel so very content and right in the world when i am with my Master. i am a person still, i have a voice still, and i also have more freedom than i ever had as my own Mistress. i can be fully present & focused. It may sound odd to say i have more freedom than before. What i mean is that i give myself permission to relax, to simply serve, to be held and pampered and even loved. i would not let masters into my heart. i always held 3/4 of my soul hidden and unreachable. As a named and collared slave i trust my Master with what is happening in me. i trust myself to him, i trust him, i trust myself. And this feeds my soul. To be allowed that sacred place of being is unimaginably right. i feel so incredibly happy, proud, challenged, whole, and contented here as my Master's slave. Does that help? it doesn't mean that i lose my identity, or my life. It is an added dimension - not a loss of one."

Looking quizzically at Sara, RRedore asked quietly, "And you Sara, what are you thinking? Is this in your heart also? Meg, what is it that brings you joyful, excited feelings within this arena?"

Master interjects, "Maybe Sara and Meg are uncomfortable talking about their private feelings. Maybe they want to keep them closed."

Meg responds, "As I said, John and I have played with SM and fantasy role playing, but we felt that we were kind of weird. We felt we were the only sane people in the world who had these feelings. Robin, you seem to know a lot about this 'world of fantasy'?"

"How many people do you think are interested?"

"I would assume that not many are interested."

"Meg, everyone at this table is interested in fantasy role playing, SM, BD, whatever you wish to call it. One of the reasons you and John were invited to my home this evening is because the other people at this table wanted to let you know they were interested, but they didn't want to expose you to their world unless they knew you were also interested in the same things."

Meg looked askance, "Do you mean everyone here is 'kinky'?"

Everyone responded, in their own way, in the affirmative. Joan, the fourth lady, says, "I was pretty sure you were a submissive, both by the way you talk and act. Every time I tried to directly bring up the topic, you changed the topic, so I thought this dinner would be definitive. If you had not been open and talk about it, we would have dropped the topic, and never brought it up again. By talking to us openly, you have found out that we are all 'into' the scene."

"I had no idea that you were interested in these kind of things," said Meg.

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