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An anthology of short stories by Robin Roberts

(C)2000, Robin Roberts

As a Master, I have enjoyed the company of many very beautiful and intelligent ladies. I have never had to 'capture' any of them because they have each given themselves willingly. One of them, in a recent note to me said that she enjoys my company because I enjoy females. In many ways, she is very correct.

Another collared lady said that she enjoyed my company because I enjoy shopping for clothes and accoutrements for my consorts. I told her that when my property looks good, I feel good. I enjoy the looks and comments made when people whom I have never met before cast an appreciative glance at the lady on my arm.

A new lady in my life is janaRRa. For those who are unaware, I give each of my ladies a new name: almost always with seven letters, and with RR (my initials) as part of their name. Their name is to remind them of their role at my side, and to the pledge they have made to their Master, and to the collar they wear.

I am currently living alone. No, I am not lonesome, I am just living alone. I am currently between permanent partners, but lonesome is not a word I would use to describe me or my lifestyle.

janaRRa and I met when she applied for a job at my company. We dated for a while, and she had a lot of questions about me, my lifestyle, and my company. When all her questions were answered, she felt comfortable enough to tell me that she had had fantasies about being collared, but that she had had always felt unsure of herself, her feelings, and her appearance. After one enjoyable dinner, I told her that I wanted her to wear my collar. She was sitting in a chair next to mine, and again, she had many questions. I, again, answered her questions. After a while, she went silent and smiled at me. She quietly slid from her chair to a kneeling position on the floor in front of me, and placed her cheek on my thigh. After a few more moments, she looked up and into my eyes, and said only, "Yes, Master." That was the extent of the "verbal" conversation for many hours.

She was massaging my feet, and it was obvious that both of us were enjoying her new found role in life. I stood, walked across the room, and turned on the CD player to some soft music. I lit a series of candles on my fireplace mantel, and turned off the lamp next to my chair. I went to my bedroom and returned with a simple cloth blindfold and a locking, leather collar. I returned to my chair, and upon sitting down, I guided her into a kneeling position in front of the chair. I told her to pull her hair up from her neck and, telling her to hold that position, placed the collar about her throat. The sound of the lock being closed startled her for a moment, but then she looked into my eyes and smiled. The blindfold was applied, and for a moment, I could feel a palpalble frown form on her face. I sat there for a moment, and she started to lower her hands. "What is your next task in life, janaRRA?" I asked.

She sat for a few moments, and after a quizzical turn of her head, she rose to a full standing position. After a few more moments of conjecture and indecision, she moved tentative hands to her blouse and began to unbutton it. I said only, "Are you sure?" She stopped, stood still for a few very long seconds, smiled and answered, "Yes, Master." She continued with her self-appointed task of undressing. When she had removed her outer garments, she returned to her kneeling position on the floor in front of my chair. She removed the remainder of her clothing, until she wore naught but a pair of bright red panties. I sat there, quietly, accepting the gift I was being given. As she reached behind her head to remove the blindfold, I guided her hands back to her lap. She sat there kneeling for a moment, and then approached the blindfold, and she softly pleaded, "Please, Master."

Seeing no reason to deny her wish, I assented. She quietly removed the handkerchief blindfold and re-rolled it into a long thin strip of cloth. I watched her as she, looking me straight in the eye, opened her mouth and used the cloth as a gag. She stood, and took my hand and, with a come-hither look in her eyes, guided me into my own bedroom. She indicated that I should stand still while she helped me disrobe. Once I was nude, she indicated that I should lie on my bed, and for the next hour or so, I was treated to the best massage that I can remember. Once completed, she again took my hand and indicated that I should follow her, this time to my bathroom. She turned on the shower, and checking the water temperature, indicated that I should bathe.

As I stepped into the shower enclosure, I could hear faint movements in the bathroom. My curiosity guided me to open the curtain, to find her standing against the wall, feet spread slightly, in a position where her hands were held out straight in front of her, and in her hands was a folded towel awaiting the conclusion of my shower. She had a wistful smile on her face and a tear in her eye. I removed the gag and asked her why she was crying.

She responded, only, "You are such a strong and wonderful man, and the thought that you might be lonesome makes me sad." I told her that I was voluntarily living alone at this time in my life, but that should my lifestyle change, I would be happy to have her in my life full time. At that, she smiled and said only that at that time, she would be happy to accept.

I asked her if she would like to join me in the shower. Her silent answer was to place the towel on the sideboard, remove her panties and step into the shower. She took the soap from my hands and began to cleanse and massage my body. Events like this cause real mixed emotions for me. With the high price of heating, I think I should leave the shower soon. At the same time, I am glad I had the foresight to install an eighty gallon hot water heater.

We have been spending time together for the past few months, and we are enjoying each others company. I have learned a lot about her, her desires, her pleasures and her desire to please. I can tell you a lot about her; the places where she is sensitive, both physically and emotionally; the way she likes her meals prepared; and the way her eyes light up when I tell her I have a gift for her.

She has learned a lot about me as well. My wierd sense of humor; the way I like my house to be kept; and, what makes me smile.

I enjoy the fact that janaRRa belongs to me. In some ways, she has belonged to me for many years, back to a time before we ever met. She has had fantasies of having a Master and a collar, but has been reluctant to accept one, because she has felt that most of the men in her life, were not up to her very high standards.

I am also happy that I have been able to meet her very high standards.

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