Master Robin Roberts: A VERY short biography.

Robin Roberts was the founder of The BackDrop Club over fifty years ago and has been actively involved in BDSM for nearly fifty years. 

In the late-50's he began working with companies like Irving Klaw and House of Milan. As time went on, he added being published in many, many publications including The Berkeley Barb, The California Swinger, The Spectator, Relim Publishing and Harmony Press. He has also worked as a technical advisor and rigger for some of the great photographers and cinematographers around the world, including Alex De'Renzy's film "Femmes De'Sade". He has also had his work published in numerous non-adult venues including National Geographic Magazine.

He can be accurately described as the father of the BDSM community in Northern California. He started the Menlo Park School of Bondage in the mid-Sixties, then expanded it into The BackDrop Club; the first and only openly BDSM social organization in the area (in fact, one of the first in the country). Some of the prime reasons he formed BackDrop was so that Robin could teach bondage and photography techniques and provide a comfortable place for adult fetish and fantasy play.

In the last four decades he has helped launch and/or inspired dozens of bondage and  fetish centered organizations.

He has taught well over a thousand professional Dominatrices and Submissives during the past forty years.

He has written many short stories and has been the editor and/or publisher for full length novels

Robin regularly teaches classes on the many of the components of the BDSM lifestyle. His "How to Meet Others" class has started many novices on the road to integrating their fantasies into their lives. His workshops on bondage, leather craft, and dozens of other topics of fetish interest have been well-attended for decades. He has an uncanny knack for taking things that look complicated and breaking them down into simple, straightforward pieces. He makes it look easy, and he makes it fun.

If you would like more information, or if you wish to be a photo model, or if you wish to have Robin photograph you,
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