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An anthology of short stories by Robin Roberts



My name is chaRRys and I was born on Wednesday, February 1, 1989 at 5:45 p.m.

It started with a bondage contract that I wrote to my lover, C. I wanted to fulfill a long-standing fantasy and I thought this was the only way to do so. C accepted the contract and asked if he could discuss it with someone he knew; I agreed. He talked to Master Robin and arranged a meeting at BackDrop for 2:00 that afternoon. I didn't know what to expect at that meeting and was scared of it. The first thing I was aware of when we walked in was the friendly and caring attitudes of the people there. I felt that I was among friends. That helped a lot.

As we talked, I became less nervous. Then, Master Robin starting asking some questions to find out just what I wanted, what I was looking for. He then explained, and demonstrated just what a master/slave relationship could encompass. I hadn't really thought much about that kind of a relationship except as a one-time thing. I was impressed with the Ritual, though, and began to feel very in tune with the feelings in the room.

Master Robin then asked me if I wanted to wear my C's slave collar. My inside response was immediate -- yes! but I hesitated because I wanted to be sure that this was what I really wanted and I wasn't sure if C wanted this. Master Robin asked again and I didn't hesitate again, I answered yes.

I then went through the most memorable and moving experience I have ever had. Master Robin led me into another room and then called C in. He was very specific about what would be expected if I became a slave and was given an order -- it was to be followed immediately, no matter what it was or how I felt about doing it. It was explained that who and what I was would reflect on my master and in turn on Master Robin and then on the Club.

I was blindfolded and a leather collar was put around my neck and padlocked. The key to the lock was handed to me. It was explained that I was my own mistress and the choice of whether to remove the collar or give the key to C was mine. I chose to give him the key. The leather collar was removed and C's slave collar was put around my neck. He was then asked what my slave name was and he responded "chaRRys". My emotions and feelings during all this are mixed. There was fear, excitement, love, humility, wonder and the feeling that someone had kicked me in the chest! I had just given up all control to my life. I placed my life into the hands of another, my Master. I was scared; but deep inside of me was the feeling that this was right. This was what I was looking for in my life.

We moved back to the front room and continued talking. My slave training began that night. Master Robin's slaves taught me what it meant to be a good slave, and a good slave is what I wanted to be. I was first shown how to properly massage my master's feet. I had done things like this before, but now there were new, more powerful feelings present. I was learning to do something to please my Master; not for my pleasure, but for his. By pleasing him I pleased myself. I felt elated, proud, happy and alive. I belonged to him. I could make him happy and give him pleasure by my presence and serving him. Later, as the evening progressed, I felt even more at home. I was where I belonged, at BackDrop, with my Master and sister slaves.

Fear hit me as Master Robin asked me if I wanted a session with him that night. I had been told that if I wanted something I would have to ask. I wanted to learn all I could, so I said yes. Master Robin took me to his house, told me to kneel, gagged me. He explained that although he had the right to do with me as he pleased, he would not exercise that right. He explained he had something to teach me. He wanted me so sexually turned on that when my Master arrived I would "fuck his brains out." If I failed, I would be severely punished.

I was wearing no makeup, a sweat shirt, jeans and tennis shoes. Master Robin told me to remove all my clothes and jewelry, everything but my slave collar. I was told to stand, legs spread, arms out to my sides in the air. He turned me around to face a mirror behind me and take a good look. Did I like what I saw? No! That, I was told would reflect on my Master. I could change what I didn't like.

Master Robin gave me pantyhose to wear, and then he dressed me in an attractive black and green dress, with a pair of black pumps to complete the outfit. He then showed me which feminine types of clothing to wear. These included: long nightgowns, slit up the side; thigh-high stockings (no pantyhose); short wraparound skirts; a cape or cloak. I was told to dress in a feminine and pleasing manner to be a credit to my Master.

Then, my Master arrived. He was pleased with the way I looked and I resolved then to always be a credit to him. By looking attractive, it would make him proud and happy to be my Master. I'm afraid that due to a shortness of time I was unable to totally follow Master Robin's first order, but I will absolutely obey it at my earliest opportunity.

During the drive home, I kept fingering my collar. I realized that this was not a game, it was reality, my reality. This was what I had been looking for; motivation, purpose, and a reason to make changes in myself. Changes which I desired to make but could not do before.

I also realized that I no longer had to worry about when would I see him again or if he loved me. I belonged to him, I would see him when he wanted to see me, and I would give him something others would not, total obedience. There is a great deal of security and peace of mind in these thoughts. I had a purpose in life, a new reason to be alive.

I am now fully submissive to him, yet I don't feel like a doormat. I have intelligence, initiative and intuition. I plan to use them all, as I believe he expects me to use them, for my benefit and his.

I have always had this picture in my mind of what a slave is, humiliated, beaten, looked down on. I now realize that my perception wasn't necessarily correct. I consider it an honor to be accepted as a slave. If C had not felt that I had value, he wouldn't have accepted me as his slave and put his collar on me.

The longer I wear his collar, the more at peace I become. He is my protector, he is my Master. The thought of having to take his collar off, unbelievably upsets me.

I AM chaRRys. I like who she is and who she has become. I enjoy wearing a slave collar. I feel safe, secure, protected, guided. I feel a little sorry for those who never have and never will feel the security of a collar. I now have an opportunity for growth beyond anything I ever imagined.

I would feel lost without a collar, without an anchor in a stormy sea. I hope I am never without one. I wish I could shout my feelings from the roof tops, and tell all my friends. I wish I could tell everyone how happy I am! How good it feels! My collar colors everything I think, say or do, and I love it.

Until you have worn someone's slave collar, someone you honor and respect and care about, you can't really understand. I know that until now I would not have. Becoming a slave is not for everyone, but for me it was, and is, the best thing that has happened in a long time.

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