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BackDrop : Chips, dips, chains and whips.

More than 30 years ago, a man by the name of Robin Roberts had a vision: to set up a place where people could go to fulfill their fantasies amidst props and scenery, as well as to provide a social and educational resource for those with fetishes and nowhere to play. That idea culminated into BackDrop, a social club dedicated to the art of BDSM, currently located in an expansive clubhouse in Mountain View.

BackDrop offers a multitude of services and events, including an extensive library of videos, books and magazines ranging in topic from anthropology to psychology and erotica. Guests of all levels of experience are welcome at BackDrop for parties or for play, and they also have small rooms available for private play. Events are held weekly, such as various workshops, Open House meetings, dinner parties, training sessions, safety classes, play parties, slave auctions, brunches and much more.

BackDrop also boasts an expert and multi-talented staff for those wishing to explore fetishes and fantasies. Their large playrooms are capable of accommodating fantasies involving realistic dungeon environments and hosting incredible equipment. Singles and couples wishing to explore their fantasies absolutely must visit BackDrop and get to know the staff. They specialize in dominant/submissive play and maintain only the highest levels of safe, legal play. Each staff member is well versed in the dynamics of control and surrender, and handles their guests with care while respecting their limits.

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