Robin & Ssarrah's Master/slave Ceremony


May 26, 2002 was a warm, sunny and very busy day. On this day I was given a life collar and was allowed to give my body and soul over to my Master. We picked up our first guest at the train station…3:20 p.m. then raced to the store for the balloons and flowers. Our colors were purple and ivory so we had roses with irises, 24 purple & white helium filled balloons, vanilla candles (to add a bit of humor as well as color), purple and cream tulle, and finally, matching plates with napkins. Because I have a love for having my picture taken during scenes, we also printed out 12 of our favorites to hang on the walls.

We picked up the cake I had specially made containing cherries jubilee ice cream, chocolate cake and a frosting of vanilla ice cream. On the top, I had them reproduce the photo we used for the invitation cover and then border it with purple icing. We drove home, loaded our stuff into the car and raced to the banquet room we had rented for the occasion. In the front of the room we set up a long row of tables covered with ivory tablecloths. We girls set up an altar of flowers, candles, related readings, and lace in the center of the tables. On both sides of the altar we arranged the food, beverages and supplies. My favorite reading, which I had printed in calligraphy on fine cotton stock, was standing in front of the flowers. It read, " Do not be afraid that your life shall end, rather that it shall never begin." (Unfortunately I gave it to one of our guests so I can't credit the author, though it was very appropriate for our ceremony). Several guests arrived early and I gratefully set them to work decorating. We hung the tulle across the ceiling and around the photos. The photos were arranged on the wall behind the tables centered around a beautiful picture of Master and myself. The balloons were placed at the center and corners of the tulle with their lovely purple ribbons curled and hanging down from the ceiling. I set up more candles by the guest book in the entry, but as there was no one keeping an eye on them, we moved them to the back of the room where Master had set up a small table covered by a purple table cloth. This table is where Master placed the purple whip and the collar with four matching cuffs that he had made for me. As guests arrived we had Enya's Memory of Trees playing. There are several songs on it that make me think about taking risks and starting new beginnings. Again, very appropriate for our ceremony. Finally at 5:30 pm I went to change into the slave outfit I had made for the occasion.

I had made the skirt a wrap around out of beige/ cream lace and purple ribbon to tie it with. The top was a matching vest that had a little stretch to it and laced up the front with a purple ribbon just like a corset. Over that I wore the deep purple hooded cape I had made with a very flowy, heavy and silky fabric that I then also lined. I wore it open so that my shoulders and back were covered but Master could still see my breasts and thigh highs I was wearing. The only other items I wore were a pair of gold earrings and matching high-heeled gold sandals. My long red hair was partly pulled back with a barrette and the rest of it cascaded down my back in soft, shiny waves. My lips, nails and toenails were all painted a deep red that Master enjoys. Once I was dressed, I waited in the hallway for Master to call me. He wore a black suit with matching purple bow tie and cumber bun. He looked very handsome and proud.

Upon his signal, I walked over to one side of the table he had prepared, then stopped and stood facing him. I waited for his permission to begin and when he gave it I started by explaining what I see a slave relationship as being. I began; " In the process of trying to explain to my vanilla friends what this relationship is about I've done a lot of thinking. I was trying to explain to my friends why the independent woman they knew and never thought to be settled, let alone seriously involved with a Man, would want to be a slave. I have come up with three words that are the core from which all other pieces evolve. For me, it is the acronym TLC: Trust, Letting go, and Connection. They can be expanded to many other words, but they all come back to those three. "

My Master explained what a Master slave relationship is about for him.

"A Master slave relationship lasts forever. In my slaves I expect to find the traits held in three acronyms that some of you are familiar with. These acronyms HOPE FAITH & CHARITY represent what she is to bring to the relationship. HOPE stands for:

Humility to be able to grow from your shortcomings

Obedience means to obey your Master.

Perceptiveness to understand what is expected.

And finally, Enjoyment, to enjoy one's self

FAITH stands for:

Feminine, I think you will agree she is feminine.

Articulate is to be intelligent and able to make herself understood

Imaginative: I think in looking around this room you will agree that she is imaginative

Tractable. It means ductile; malleable. As gold is pulled, formed, or changed in shape, the new shape increases in value.

Hospitable. She will make sure that my friends are comfortable and feel welcome in my home.

CHARITY stands for:

Charismatic. To be friendly and outgoing

Honest. To tell the truth. If you are afraid of what she will respond, do not ask the question.

Adventurous. To be courageous

Responsible? Yes.

Independent If I am not present, she must be independent enough to act, interact and protect herself on her own.

Tantalizing? Obviously

Yourself. After all, it is she as herself that has value to me

Then I asked him, " Are you still willing to be my Master and have me as your slave?"

"Yes," he replied, "and are you willing to be my slave now and forever?"

"Yes Master" I emphatically responded thru my tears.

I walked over to where he stood and knelt at his feet. He took first the wrist cuffs off the table, put them around each wrist then proceeded to lock them with the locks I opened and gave to him. Next he reached for the collar. I remember taking a deep breath, and lowering my head while moving my hair to the side so as to show him that I was prepared for him. I unlocked the third lock and handed it to him once the collar was around my neck. I was looking down at my cuffs and noticing how pretty they were with their shiny steel band and brass clasp and locked with the little brass locks that were almost shaped like hearts. He had made them just for me to wear and I felt proud of what it meant. He reached down and hugged me to him for a moment then asked me what presents I had for him. When I had first entered I had placed on the mall table next to the cuffs, a small white box tie with curled shiny ribbon, a piece of paper rolled into a scroll and tied with purple ribbon, and finally a purple ribbon containing the brass locks and their key. I now turned to the table and reached for the box. I held it out to him, trying to hold back my tears so I could say, " Master, you have given me the gift of this collar and the opportunity to be your slave and so, I have brought you several gifts, of which this first one represents the gift of my heart." He took the box and after several moments and a few jokes from our friends, he was able to remove the ribbon. What he saw as he opened the box was a large purple, white and clear heart made of glass, carved to look as if it was from quartz. He placed it in his pocket and I took from the table the scroll. "Master, this is to represent my courage and loyalty to you." He unrolled it, read it and then explained to our guests " it's a driving permit". To which they responded with loud cheering and clapping, as they knew that he had given me the assignment to study for it even though I am quite scared of cars around me.

" This weekend we had my nipples pierced and I give these piercings to you as proof of my desire to be your slave and my trust in you." I said while holding my hands gently cupping my tender breasts.

At this point I was so emotional that I forgot the last one, so he reminded me " and the key?".

"Oh yah" I said in my goofy usual style. I took the key off the table and handed it to him saying, " Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be your slave."

At that point he nodded and helped me stand. The guests were oohing and ahhhing at both of our smiles. He turned to me and said, " As is my right to name you, I take away your name of Ssarrah…"

I tried to remain calm, knowing that thought I loved the name of Ssarrah that he had given me; I would accept whatever this new name was.

He continued, "…and I rename you. Your new name shall be, Ssarrah."

As I breathed a sigh of relief he explained to our guests " That was very scary for her. I told her I was taking away her name, which is important to her. By allowing her to keep this name, I show her that she has value to me. That a Ssarrah she is valuable to me."

Then he turned me to the wall. " She shall have a flogging of 7 strokes one for each letter in her name." He stuck me hard and named each letter as he struck. Some were on my butt, some on my back and my thighs. I held my breath and concentrated on holding still as he wishes me to. I was afraid not knowing how hard my test would be, nor where they would land. The lashing felt good as well as firm in some spots, and very painful in others. When it was complete, he turned me around to hug him.

"Please excuse us for a few moments while I prepare my slave, then I hope you will join us in celebrating with a toast and cake." We stepped into the other room and worked quickly to get my black leather spanking skirt and leather corset laced up. I changed to my purple heels that matched the ribbon in the corset. When we were done, I asked if I might be allowed to wear my favorite bit gag. It was put into my mouth and I sighed happily. We re-entered the banquet room amid ooh's and ahh's, and headed for the front of the room. I was instructed to bring the champagne and sparkling grape juice. As they were in two carriers, I took one in each hand. By the time I reached the door from the kitchen into the banquet room, I was feeling very much like a draft horse, so I stopped in the doorway, pawed the ground with my "hoof" and neighed loudly. This made everyone laugh happily. (They, after all, knew how much I enjoy pony play.) I brought the bottles to Master and while he opened & poured them, I helped then went to fetch the cake. I put 7 sparklers at the top of the cake…. one for each letter in my name, and then carried it out to the table. When the cake was on the table we tried to light the sparklers, but they didn't want to light so I grabbed smaller sparklers and when we where able to light one of those, we used it to light the large ones. I t was a beautiful sight with the picture and the sparklers and the cake, the roses and irises next to it and Master and I standing behind smiling and laughing in our matching black and purple outfits. The guests raised a toast to us and challenged me to drink from a glass with my bit in. (It was at precisely this moment that the smoke alarm went off in the Banquet Room from the smoke caused by the sparklers!) After airing out the room, I succeeded in drinking the proffered champagne on the first attempt, but by the second sip I was laughing so gaily I choked and spit it all out onto the floor.

We all visited and had a great time - including several people who played for a while. It was nice to see everyone dressed in his or her fetish best, laughing, (crying) and playing. I think everyone enjoyed himself or herself. One guest even commented after being set up by Master and myself with my friend, "Usually at weddings, favors are given out. Only at Master Robin's gatherings does that favor turn out to be a submissive!"

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