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The Net Talks with Bettie

Fire up your RealAudio Player and listen in...
TST If you're not a TST subscriber, visit the TST Radio site and fill out their survey to get a free sample subscription. Then you can hear Ann Williams' 31-Jul-96 interactive interview with Bettie! (Yes, I was one of the callers!) 64 min.
listen here! Listen to Bettie's 17-Jul-96 NetChat with Eliot Stein. 57 min.
Archive Read the transcript of Bettie's 27-Mar-96 chat in the Mr. Showbiz Celebrity Lounge.


The New Books Are Here!

Queen of Hearts logo
Bettie Page, Queen of Hearts (ISBN 1-56971-124-0)

"In this 96-page coffee-table book, historian and artist Jim Silke explores Bettie's influence on popular culture, from dime-store novels to paperbacks, and from painting to advertising."

Pin-Up Legend book cover
Bettie Page, The Life of a Pin-Up Legend (ISBN 1-881649-62-9)

This 288-page dust-jacketed hardcover has 350 photos, many never before published. Available in bookstores or direct from General Publishing Group, 1-800-CALL-GPG in the US.

A very limited special edition signed by Bettie may still be available from Glamourcon.


Olivia De Berardinis features several Bettie Page images in her acclaimed book, Let Them Eat Cheesecake, the Art of Olivia (ISBN 0-929643-06-2). Here's a few of them....

Crackers in Bed
"Crackers in Bed" by Olivia

Up Periscope
"Up Periscope" by Olivia

Copyright 1991-1992 by Olivia De Berardinis, All rights reserved.


Sources for Bettie Stuff

Help other Bettie seekers! Tell me by e-mail about other sources for inclusion here. Thanks!

(new) A.R.S., 24307 Magic Mountain Parkway #124-BI, Valencia CA 91355 USA
has over 30,000 Pin-Up magazines in stock, including over 100 Bettie titles. Catalog: $3.
Atomic Books, 229 West Read St, Baltimore MD 21201 USA
phone 410.728.5490, FAX 410.669.4179, Atomic BBS 410.889.3543
"Literary Finds for Mutated Minds!"
(new) Bettie Page herself can be contacted in care of The Bettie Scouts of America, below.
In business matters, Bettie's agent since May 1996 is:
J. B. Rund, PO Box 1234, Old Chelsea Station, New York NY 10113 USA
phone 212.620.4276, FAX 212.691.8161
(updated) Love + Kisses! -BettieBettie Scouts of America has found Bettie and is now her official fan club! To get the next mailing, send a stamped self-addressed #10 envelope with 78c postage to: Steve Brewster, 2641 S 53rd, Dept dav, Kansas City KS 66106-3365 USA, phone 913.432.9278
Steve will gladly forward your mail to Bettie.
Bud Plant Comic Art, PO Box 1689dav, Grass Valley CA 95945 USA, 800.242.6642
Many Bettie-related items. $3 for a fabulous catalog, refundable with first order.
(updated) Fond Memories has ceased publication with issue 28. Sigh...
(new) Glamour Girls: Then and Now, PO Box 34501, Washington DC 20043-9998 USA
A must for Bettie/Pin-up collectors. $18 for 3 issues.
Glamourcon, P.O. Box 2594, Woodinville WA 98072 USA, phone 206.821.1760
Golden Apple Comics has regular and limited edition Bettie Page books.
Movie Star News, 134 West 18th St, NYC 10011-5403 USA, phone 212.620.8160
Home of the Klaw studio, still making Bettie pinup images available! Catalog: $5.
The Picture Palace has those hard-to-find Bettie videos!
The Pinup Mall has art, cards, and books featuring Bettie.
(new) The Raven & The Sparrow has those hard-to-find Bettie videos, too!
(updated) Ken Ritchie, 3825 Bowen Ave, Memphis TN 38122 USA, phone 901.323.6195
The only dealer for all back issues of Fond Memories plus new and vintage pinup mags.
US residents may send a legal-sized SASE with 55c postage and request his Bettie lists.


For $eriou$ Collector$

Bettie Page autographed photos ...collectibles that support Bettie directly.
(updated) Bunny Yeager's FOTO FILE No. 1 is a magazine/catalog of Bunny's famous photos of Bettie. If you can afford a custom print from Bunny, this is the place to start! You must state that you're at least 18 to get it for $9 including shipping from:
Bunny Yeager, 9301 NE 6th Ave #C-311, Miami FL 33138 USA, phone 305.757.8978

High quality limited edition graphics have been produced of:
Peepers, Cat+Mouse, Periscope, Crackers
Pretty Peepers ... Cat & Mouse ... Up Periscope ... Crackers in Bed
"Periscope" is sold out, and "Crackers" is just recently available.
Mail to JS Designs about these or other prints such as the pin-up art of Ted Kimer.


Other Peoples' (Bettie) Pages

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